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Welcome to Young Pioneer Tours, a budget tour operator to the places your mother wants you to stay away from: North Korea, Iran, Cuba, Iraq, Eritrea, Antarctica and more!

oung Pioneer Tours started from humble beginnings: a group of expats living in China, brought together by our love of being on the road. By the nature of our own travel, we learnt what makes and breaks a good trip; this made starting our tours much easier.
Now, years down the line and with countless tours behind us, we have tweaked and experimented with our tours to best fulfil what the intrepid traveller seeks: making a lot of new friends and having some interesting and bizarre experiences along the way. We try to find ways to keep our tours as cheap as possible to encourage all walks of life to come and see our destinations, a factor that has been key in the growth of YPT.
All our group tours come with an experienced YPT guide who gives you the opportunity to do things you couldn't do without them there to make it happen – something which is of utmost importance when off the beaten track. We have a great reputation for awfully fun guides who bring out the travel bug in people while ensuring that everything runs smoothly.
There is an attitude to travel commonly associated with experienced backpackers which we fully believe in; going out of your way to help others on the road, share experiences and make friends wherever you can. It’s this attitude which has opened doors to us that can’t be opened in other ways. Our guides have developed close bonds with the local guides and our regular customers, while maintaining the professionalism required to make everything come together to give people great memories and stories to go home with.
Opening doors for people and bringing together like-minded travellers has become our main driving force and always pushes us to get the most out of each destination at a budget price. We love what we do and the community we are involved in and will keep trying to push the envelope for opening tourism in places often forgotten

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