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Pleng Chan is a local brand of coffee shop based in Phnom Penh. From local to international media, Pleng Chan has been known as the hidden gem in the middle of the city. There is an article has been published under the title “Pleng Chan, the cafe for bookworms and music apprentices.” (2020, The Phnom Penh Post)

From the song, “Louch Sneah Doung Chan by Ros Sereysothea” to the book “A Mid-summer Night Dream by William Shakespeare” is the inspiration for creating the coffee shop in the first place.

The Impression for everyone is of being a place where individuals can come, enjoy, and feel at home. The comfortableness and the warmness of Pleng Chan are the major forces that help push the flow of creativity and a sense of ability in doing many things a person longs to do.

Pleng Chan has a number of eye-catching and mouthwatering signature foods and drinks. Pleng Chan has six customers favourite drinks which include: Sro Eam Khiew Kjey, Solar Eclipse, Lunar Eclipse, P’em Lh’em Coffee, Mango Coffee, and Iced Lime Tea. Each drink has its own uniqueness that makes every sip worthwhile. There are also other wide ranges of choices of the drinks that can be chosen.

Pleng Chan serves a variety of dishes from local to regional and Western cuisines. Onto the food category, Pleng Chan is famous for their Khmer favourite local dish known as “GIANT Bai Srob”.

Pleng Chan’s Bai Srob’s specialty lines in the diversity of customers’ ideals for they have the recipe that might just fit with your favourite.

To become more than just a coffee house, our team has played a very significant role in becoming the friends of our customers by providing a warm welcome, and the enthusiastic preparation to give the best serving to our customers.
Pleng Chan,
a place where all the dreamers are dreamt to its possible and make it happen.

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7 Days a Week, 6:30am - 11:00pm
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Street 370, Sangkat Beong Keng Kang I, Phnom Penh, 12302

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