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Wat Sampov Pram perches at the very top of Phnom Bokor in Bokor National Park. Like many of our history, Phnom Bokor is as fascinating as it is unfortunate. A major tourist attraction, and the historical site of the dramatic showdown between the Khmer Rouge and the Vietnamese in 1979, Bokor National Park was sold in its entirety by the Hun Sen’s government to the Sokimex Group for $100m. Now, the hauntingly beautiful 1920 French colonial hill station, often swathed in thick fog, is the home of many large hotels and a casino. The extravagant development project for this site includes many villas, golf courses, water parks, a cable car and many more luxuries, however, at the moment, the area near the hotel/casino looks nothing more than a large construction site.

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Open 7 Days a Week, 9.00am to 5.00pm
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J2H8+XWC, Preaek Tnaot

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