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La Plantation is a social and sustainable family project, the perfect combination of traditional farming and modern processing. At La Plantation, we produce Black, Red, White Kampot pepper and the exclusive Fresh Salted Kampot Pepper, Red Long Pepper, Turmeric, Bird Chili and local fruits. Grown traditionally and harvested by hand, our spices are processed with high standards in quality and hygiene and are certified organic by Ecocert. Presentation, tasting and free guided tour in English, French, and Khmer. You will understand why Kampot Pepper has been elected #1 best pepper in the world. La Plantation has also a social dimension by improving the living conditions of many people in this rural area and by taking care of the primary school. You can enjoy our spices in our two restaurants (Khmer and French), or join a Khmer cooking class. You can also experience a tour in the rural countryside up to Secret Lake in a cart pulled by water buffaloes.

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Open 7 Day a Week, 9.00am - 4.30pm
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Bosjheng village, Kampot

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