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Welcome to Floating Phnom Penh! We offer affordable floating sessions to anyone in need, from stressed out office workers to adventurous psychonauts. Send us a message to organise your first float! Appointment only

We have a samadhi isolation tank available for anyone interested in floating sessions. The tank is located in a private room equipped with a shower and toilet for your individual use.
The tank is filled with 1000 litres of water that is saturated with magnesium and sulphate-rich Epsom salts and warmed to body temperature. This allows you to float effortlessly and relax your muscles completely.

Inside the tank you can experience complete silence and darkness, giving your mind a welcome break from the constant distractions we experience in daily life.
Many people have some fear or concern before they use the tank the first time. Fears such as being alone in the dark, drowning, not having enough air, claustrophobia, and others. The fears are usually the thought or the idea that YOU won't be in control of the situation, but in this situation you are totally in control. You can go in and out of the tank as you please. You can use the tank with the door completely open, you can keep it partially open, or you can close it. There is no particular way to use the tank that is more correct than another. Any way you use it, that is comfortable for you, is correct.
At the beginning of each float you can set an intention for what you would like to accomplish during your float. You may also use your float to observe where you hold tension in your body or your mind. You will develop many of your own ways of using your floats. We don't say more because we don't want to spoil your own adventure!
Book your first session by sending us a message here or to
you can also call or contact via telegram/whatsapp @ 099853764
We do not have a cancellation fee, however do keep in mind that we are a very small business and every cancellation/no show does affect us. Please only book your appointment when you are sure you can commit to it, and if you do have to cancel please notify us as soon as possible, thanks



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open hours:

Tuesday to Sunday, 10:00am - 7:00pm


+855 (0) 99 853 764


House 172, Street 63, BKK1 Phnom Penh, Cambodia 12302

open hours:


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