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Investment Income

Barrant Enterprises Co Ltd Share holdings.

Cambodian Company Raising Investments with land security.

A) guarantee 9% annual income should profit not exceed this.
P&L monthly reports dividends paid Quarterly.

B) 3 months written notice to exit with full refund of initial amount

C) Offering share document of Barrant for the percentage of investment as a security asset barrant is holding title deeds of land ownership in Cambodia ownership as a security cushion behind the running business for added comfort secure of your security investments.

D)funds are only used or expanding business investments > improving and hiring staff > increasing stock > building and decorating businesses > advertising > concept & image.

E) shares are resalable an annually report will be submitted and asset value on the company should you want to sell at the price you wish, no share will be used a a security for borrowing money and barrant will only repay the first investment should a exit be requested minus dividends received prior.

F) All purchases will require i.d and all transactions will be done through ABA Business Account.barrant enterprises co ltd company address E1. No 219 Sisowath Quay Riverside Phnom Penh Cambodia. ABA account no. 002699080 Bank address No . 148. Preah Sihanouk Blvd Phnom Penh.

G) business within the company at the time as follows with share Capital.

1) Harrys Bar Restaurant and 5 apartments 20 shares)
2)Wawa private Riverside Club 10 shares )
3) Seaps Real Estate Company 25 shares)
4) Riverside corner Cafeteria 25 shares)
5) The Ivy Lounge and 12 apartments 10 shares)
6) Cambodia2u Tourism Ap 5 shares)
7) Global Trader commodities site 5 shares)

F) Minimum Purchase one investment unit, Maximum 10 block purchase share is $10,000.
Company capital is 100 Shares of 10 of which 40% shares for sell.

Any Questions Please Contact

Owner : Barry John Wilson.

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open hours:

Monday to Saturday, 9.00am - 5.00pm


+855 (0) 12 316 627


219 Sisowath Quay

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